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Media: Big Business or Fourth Estate

The First Amendment gives media awesome power, which has earned them the unofficial designation of the “Fourth Estate” by some and “watchdog” by others. However, with this awesome power comes immense responsibility.   When the media focus on profits over … Continue reading

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The future of journalism

David and Goliath analogies predicting the shattering of the traditional press by the new media and citizen journalism has inched closer to fruition according to Bill Kirtz’s Poynter.org column: Future of Journalism: New Media, New Money.  In his commentary covering … Continue reading

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Journalists today: how would you grade them?

For years journalists have received mixed reviews. How do you feel about the job they are doing? Are they ethical? Fair? Accurate? Media mantras like “If it bleeds it leads” and “Cry and you’ll get on camera,” do much to … Continue reading

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Is Democracy in Danger

Despite recently seeing Disney’s Chicken Little, a lively sequel chock full of incredible claims of falling sky mixed with taunts and teases of angry townsfolk, I realize as I write this column that I may be in for a similar … Continue reading

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